UV integrating sphere measuring system

SPECTRUM LOMO UV integrating sphere measurement system system characteristics

  1. Support spectrometer (customizable)
  2. Support power supply (customizable)
  3. Support thermostat (customizable)
  4. Standard lamp and absolute value correction
  5. Can measure continuously for a long time without interruption
  6. Data management function
  7. Make a formal report
Power supply model Itech 6132B
Rated output 30V / 5A
Load regulation rate (voltage) <0.01% + 2mV
Load regulation rate (current) <0.05% + 1.5mA
Set value resolution (voltage) 1 mV
Set value resolution (current) 0.1 mA
Resolution of readback value (voltage) 0.1 mV
Resolution of readback value (current) 0.01 mA
Set value accuracy (voltage) ±0.03% + 3mV
Set value accuracy (current) ±0.05% + 2.5mA
Readback accuracy (voltage) ±0.02% + 3mV
Readback accuracy (current) ±0.05% + 2.5mA
Ripple (voltage) <1mVrms/<4mVp-p
Ripple (current) < 4mArms
Size cm3 21.45 x 8.82 x 35.46
Weight kg 7


System specifications

Integrating sphere model Labsphere 53SL
Sphere diameter 13.5 cm
Outside diameter of sphere 15 cm
Ball weight 1Kg
Sphere color Labsphere blue
Sphere material Aluminum alloy
Ball coating material Spectralon
Coating reflectivity Up to 99%
SMA interface O
External opening (maximum) 5.08 cm
Detector port diameter 1.25cm
Number of detector ports 1 port
Maximum temperature resistance in the ball 400°C


Standard spectrometer specifications
model EE 2063
Detector style Back thinned CCD
CCD pixels 2048 X 64
Wavelength range 200 ~ 1100
Optical resolution (FWHM) 2.2 nm
Integration time 5 ~ 24000 msec
Cooling device Have
Wavelength accuracy < ± 0.5 nm
Stray light < 0.45%*
Measurement dynamic range 2d 18h 40m 1s
Digital conversion 16 bit
Digital interface USB 2.0


LED Measurement data

  • X Y Z
  • Lumen-photopic vision, luminous flux `(Lumen)-dark vision
  • Radiant flux (W), PPF (umol / Sec)
  • Angular coordinates (x y u` v` v), correlated color temperature (K), Duv, color purity (%), color tolerance (SDCM)
  • Dominant wavelength (nm), peak wavelength (nm), center wavelength (nm), centroid wavelength (nm), half-wave width (nm)
  • Color rendering CRI, R1 ~ R15
  • Color quality CQS Ver 9.0.3 Q1 ~ Q15
  • TM-30-15 – Rfh,1 ~ Rfh,16 TM-30-Rf TM-30-Rg

Correction data management function

Spectrum LoMo provides correction data & correction data management functions, which can reduce the number of auxiliary lamp corrections in frequent tests, and allows users to manage correction data & correction data through file management.

Each set of files contains calibration data, calibration environmental reference data, and sample modification data. If there are measurement problems, it can help users and original engineers to quickly troubleshoot.


File Download

File Download