blue Laserdiode

Depending on the mode of operation, these devices emit highly concentrated visible light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products which incorporate these devices have to fol- low the safety precautions found in IEC 60825 “Safety of laser products”.



  •  in IEC 60825 “Safety of laser products”
  • Typical emission wavelength: 450 nm
  •  Efficient radiation source for cw and pulsed operation
  • TO90 package
  • ESD protection diode
  •  Laser diode isolated against package


Maximum Ratings
Operating temperature -20~85°C
Storage temperature -20~120°C
Junction temperature 135 °C
Output power 3.2 W
Operating current 2.5 A
Reverse current 20 mA
Soldering temperature 260 °C
Operating current 2.0~2.4 A
Center wavelength 437 nm ~ 460 nm
Optical output power 3.0 W
Threshold current 0.27 A
Forward voltage 5 V
Total power dissipation 5.5 W
TE polarization 100:1
Thermal resistance junction case real 10 K / W



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