• Integrating Sphere Optical Electrical Measurement System

    We specialize in providing precise measurements of various parameters, including Spectrum, Radiant flux, Color Temperature, Chroma, Wavelength, Voltage, Current, and Pulse Signal

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  • Light Source Modular Development and Design

    At our core, we're all about high-quality and continuous innovation. We're dedicated to researching and integrating light source quality, adjustable color temperatures, and long-term reliability. Through relentless efforts, we strive to deliver the best lighting solutions to meet all your diverse needs

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  • Data Acquisition And Logging

    We provide high-precision measurements of temperature, voltage, current, and instantaneous data. Our system also supports long-term data logging

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Optical Electrical Thermal Measurement System

  • Integrating Sphere Optical Electrical Measurement
  • Data Acquisition Logging
  • Spectrum Color Optical Measurement System

Measurement system integration

  • Optical Electrical Thermal Automation Measurement Integration
  • Reliability Analysis Equipment Development
  • Development of Spectrum Light Source Color Instrument

Measurement service

  • Laser, VCSEL, constant current pulse measurement (400~1700nm)
  • LED, Micro LED, Lamp, integrating sphere measurement system (350~1050nm)
  • Transmittance, Reflectance measurement with different color temperature light source

Uniform Light Source System Development

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch light source solutions, with a strong focus on upholding high-quality standards and driving continuous innovation. Our committed team diligently researches and integrates aspects such as light source quality, adjustable color temperature, and long-term reliability. We tirelessly work towards providing the finest lighting solutions, tailored to meet your diverse needs. Join us on this journey to discover the perfect illumination that suits you!


Integrating Sphere Measurement System

We are experts in providing comprehensive measurement systems tailored for MicroLEDs, LEDs, VCSELs, lasers, and various other light sources. Our cutting-edge systems encompass LIV measurements, temperature variations, and continuous monitoring, providing essential data on Radiant flux and Luminous flux, PPFD, and spectral information. Additionally, we offer detailed data on quantum efficiency, bandwidth, peak wavelength, voltage, and current values to meet all your light source testing requirements. For more information, please visit our website!