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Kaihong Technology was established in December 2015. Its service items include optical measurement, electrical measurement, temperature measurement/control/monitoring, Internet of Things (IOT) design/monitoring/integration, test fixture production, etc., and are committed to Development and integration of software and hardware.

At present, the scope of customer expansion includes domestic and foreign universities, academic research units, public institutions and private enterprises, etc., and the agency of Labsphere’s related optical measurement equipment and ITECH power supply products. The company will fully touch the field of optoelectronics and professionally design and create Meet customer needs, and provide comprehensive after-sales service.

Service integration

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The key to improving the executor’s abilities is education and training. Education is to change the work mentality, and training is to change work skills. If a person has no quality, then everything will vanish.

Perfect service

The quality of any kind of product or service in the world is constantly improved through the tempering of the rapidly changing market.

Reasonable price

Uniform specifications and procedures are the key to maintaining the quality of customer service.

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What kind of service do customers expect? What kind of service can win customers who are always loyal? It is difficult to sum up, because the final judgment is a comprehensive feeling. All subsequent processes, all the way to the moment of the end of the service, and even the subsequent services, will affect the effectiveness of the overall service and the final judgment of the customer.



Obtain the agency rights of 500 equipment factories

You must first move yourself before moving customers! “Hello, welcome!” This is probably the most frequently heard sentence when we walk into the store. Does this seemingly considerate service greeting really touch the hearts of customers and make them moved? Remember!! You must first move yourself before moving customers!



Towards success

Any sales expert will tell us: “People” are the most important factor for successful sales. How to provide customers with a good consumption memory through high-sensitivity contact with people, and become a free advertising promoter in stores. How to provide moving services and Touching marketing, through service design, creates touching memories for customers, and by this it brings a constant flow of people. It also makes the physical store irreplaceable because of the temperature of the service and can continue to operate.