Does community management start with marketing? You must master these four concepts first!

Community management seems to be done by everyone, but have you seriously thought about how to operate social media? Most business owners hope to use “social media” to expose their products and conduct marketing. But in fact, before doing this, you must do a few things in order to build a social media platform that belongs to the “brand”!

Before formulating a community marketing strategy, if you do not even know the definition of the community, then the strategy will only go awry.

The so-called “community” is a group of people with the same preferences and interests, which can also be called a community. Similarly, the “community” can also be a virtual place, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social platforms, each platform has different user interests and usage habits.

To run a community website, you must first construct the content, and the content must meet the target audience, that is, the group of people who need your products to help them solve problems and make life more convenient. We call it the target audience. Once your content corresponds to the pain points of these target audiences, after a long time, they will naturally come to the door.

There are also many tools that can help you find your target audience, such as Facebook Insight Report and Google Analytics.

The myth that many business owners often have is that when they start to operate the community, they distribute a lot of brand product information and preferential information.

In the age of the Internet, everyone has an Internet, so now community marketing can be said to be a red sea. If you want to kill a blood, it will definitely fail.

From another perspective, if you want to buy a certain service or product, every day when you open your Facebook, the same company will rush to send their family’s product information and promotions, even if you are looking for Such information would mean nothing. But if you just want to take a look at it and receive similar explosive messages, you will definitely want to cancel tracking this company!

Therefore, when establishing a community marketing strategy at the beginning, you must think about how to “manage the community” instead of thinking about how to market and how to market first. To run a community, you must understand the true core value of the community: to establish connections between people. For enterprises, it is to build a bridge between brands and consumers. What you need is: to communicate with users with sincerity, to create a good impression of consumers on the brand and service, and let them naturally spread the brand or product. Regarding sales, let the product speak for itself!

Consumers are becoming smarter and less and less interested in rigid content. They like interaction, such as the recently popular chat bot (Chat Bot). Such highly interactive content often wins consumers’ favorite.

Set aside the products that have been promoted in the past, adjust the post ratio, and occasionally send out scraps, such as festivals, weather, or when everyone is on Blue Monday, say something interesting. Make community management more lifelike, narrow the distance between consumers and brands, and make your brand like their friends.

The above are the myths that business owners often have. Unravel these myths and find a powerful community management butler. Exploding the red community clusters is your brand!

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