UV LED measurement system

The efficiency of UV LED depends on the junction temperature. The thermal change of the PN junction will affect the optical power output and life expectancy of UV LED. Using TEMPOint’s UV LED measurement system, users can quickly and accurately test UV LED performance (single point test , Variable current, variable temperature test).

Application areas:

  • Germicidal ultraviolet (GUV)
  • UVC disinfection and purification
  • UV curing
  • Medical phototherapy
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Garden lighting


  • Absolute radiant flux (W) above 200nm can be measured
  • Data can be traced to JCSS or NIST
  • Optional power supply (programmable)
  • Temperature controller (programmable) is optional
  • The instrument can do absolute value calibration in Taiwan
Measurement data
X Y Z Color classification Specification classification
Lumen (Lumen)-photopic vision   Lumen`(Lumen)-dark vision
Radiant flux(W)   Photosynthetic photon flux(umol / Sec)   Infrared photon flux(umol/Sec)
 Chromaticity coordinates(x y u` v` v)   Correlated color temperature(K)  Duv Color purity(%)   Color tolerance (SDCM)
Dominant wavelength(nm)  Peak wavelength(nm)  Center wavelength(nm)  Centroid wavelength(nm)  Half-wavelength (nm)
Color rendering CRI R1 ~ R15 Color quality CQS Ver 9.0.3 Q1 ~ Q15
TM-30-15 – Rfh,1 ~ Rfh,16 Rf Rg Rf skin
Circadian factors external quantum efficiency
system requirement Suggested demand
Windows XP 32bit / 64bit or higher operating system
1 GB or more RAM
2 GB or more hard disk capacity
Windows XP 32bit / 64bit or higher operating system
4 GB or more RAM
20 GB or more hard disk capacity
System specifications
model Spectrum LoMo For UV
Integrating sphere
material Spectralon
Internal dimensions 5.3”( 13.5 cm )
Reflectivity > 98.5% ( 400 – 1500 nm )
> 95% ( 250 – 2500 nm )
Calibration light source specifications
Types 150 W Xenon Lamp
wavelength 200 – 800 nm
Optical specifications
Radiant flux range 1m – 2000mw
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.3 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.2 nm
Optical resolution 1.5 nm
Trace back JCSS or NIST
Other specifications
Digital interface USB 2.0
physical dimension 28.5 x 18 x 20 cm3
weight 2 kg
Power Specifications
Rated output 30V / 5A / 150W
Set value resolution (voltage) 1 mV
Set value resolution (current) 0.1 mA
Set value accuracy (voltage) ±0.03% + 3mV
Set value accuracy (current) ±0.05% + 2.5mA

Note: Product specifications and descriptions in this document are subject to change without notice.

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