Multifunction Data capture card


The USB data acquisition card is a high-efficiency multi-function data acquisition card with USB interface. It has 8 channels of differential 16-bit resolution and high-speed synchronous analog signal acquisition (the highest synchronous acquisition rate is 200KSPS, and synchronous acquisition means each channel Both are 200KSPS), 2 channels of 12-bit analog signal output (only single low-speed output mode), 16 channels of digital signal one-way input and output, 2 channels of 32-bit PWM and other precision measurement inputs, 2 channels of 32-bit PWM or single pulse output . AD supports internal and external time, internal and external triggers.


  • 8-channel differential (Differential) analog input, synchronous acquisition
  • 16-bit resolution 200KHZ AD
  • Signal dynamic range: ±10V / ±5V
  • 2 channels 12-bit DA, output 0-10V
  • Digital quantity: 16 in (DIO-DI15)/16 out (DOO-DO15)/ (5V -TTL level)
  • 2 channels of 32-bit PWM measurement input, measurement time: 48MHz, equal precision measurement, measurement error is a reference time of 48MHz, 2 channels of PWM measurement input 0-1 are shared with DI2-DI3 respectively
  • AD conversion mode has 16-channel synchronous conversion mode
  • AD conversion time: internal and external trigger, trigger level 5V, shared with digital input channel DI1, external time can be selected to rise or fall


Analog input
Number of analog input channels 8 differential inputs
Analog input resolution 16 bit ( 305 μV / 152  μV )
Sampling rate 200 kS/s/ch Simultaneous sampling
Analog input buffer FIFO buffer capacity 180 K
Analog input impedance > 1 MΩ
Input range ±10 V / ±5 V
Input accuracy ± 5 mV
Digital output input and timer counter
16 Channel (DI) 16 Channel (DO)
Input Level:0 ~ 5 V ( Compatible :3.3 V ) Output Level:5V
High Level:> 2 V / Low Level:< 0.8 V High Level:> 2.5 V / Low Level:< 0.5 V
Max Current:10mA / ch
2 Channel 32 bit PWM Input 2 Channel 32 bit PWM / Pulse Onput
Input Level:0 ~ 5 V ( Compatible :3.3 V ) Output Level:5V
High Level:> 2 V / Low Level:< 0.8 V High Level:> 2.5 V / Low Level:< 0.5 V
Max Current:10mA / ch
Clock:48 Mhz / 32 bit Timer
Operating system support WinXP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
SDK Example(DLL):Labview / C# / Python / MATLAB
Test program
Digital interface USB 2.0
Working current < 500 mA
Input voltage 12V ± 5 %

Note: Product specifications and descriptions in this document are subject to change without notice.

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Data Logger data acquisition software

ZEL-100 Data LoMo Data Acquisition Software / Data LoMo Datalogger Software


Data LoMo data acquisition software is used to simplify the data acquisition process. The friendly user interface shortens the learning time of the software. The user can name and unit each channel. The software itself automatically recognizes the DAQ and power meter heads of different manufacturers. As well as the TSI particle counter, other functions include querying historical records and exporting Excel data.


  1. Real-time display and recording of multi-channel data to disk
  2. Display single-channel or multi-channel data graph
  3. Database (SQLite) Manage multi-channel data
  4. Export files compatible with EXCEL at the same time
  5. User management mode can record different user actions
  6. Label and data unit can be named for each point
  7. An external large monitor can display real-time data (optional hardware)
  8. External alarm function (optional hardware)
  9. Support Windows 7 32/64 bit or higher operating system
Real-time data graph historical data


model ZEL-100 Data LoMo
working system Windows 10 is downward compatible to Windows XP
language Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English
Memory capacity 512MB or more
Hard disk capacity 2 GB or more
monitor Resolution 1366 X 768 or higher
Office features Office XP or above must be installed


 Model No. IO – 200
Channels 1 ~ 8 by Hardware
Sensor Type

Analog Input

Thermocouple J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, C, L, M, Thermistor, LDIN43710, 2/3-wire RTD
Voltage ±15 mV, ±50 mV, ±100 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V ±50 V, ±150 V
Current ±20 mA, 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA
Other Temperature / Humidity / Illumination ( Lux, UV, IR  ) / Flow / Liquid Level / Gas sensor

For 4~20mA or 0~10V

Resolution 16 bit
Accuracy 0.1% For Normal Mode, 0.1% For Fast Mode
Sampling Rate 10 Hz
Interface RS-485
Baud Rate 1200 ~ 115200 bps
Input Power  10 ~ 30 VDC
Power Supply ( 12V / 24V )
USB to RS-485 Converter
485 Gateway
Lora Wireless transmitter receiver


Model No. ZC5H
Channels 1
Sensor Type

Analog Input

AC / DC Voltage, AC / DC Current, Potentiometer, Resistance, Transmitter, PT-100, Load Cell

Thermocouple J, K, T, E, R, S, B

Resolution 15 bit
Accuracy ±0.1% FSR, ±1Digi ( DC / Potentiometer / Resistance / Transmitter / PT-100 / Load Cell )

±0.2% FSR, ±1Digi ( AC )

Sampling Rate 16 Hz
Interface RS-485
Baud Rate 4800 ~ 38400 bps
Input Power  24 ~ 60 VDC / 100 ~ 240 VAC
Power Supply ( 12V / 24V )
USB to RS-485 Converter
485 Gateway
Lora Wireless transmitter receiver


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Air monitoring IoT

System characteristics

  1. Full solution (hardware and software)
  2. Cloud platform architecture
  3. Support mobile computer browser monitoring
  4. Support most of the current 90% Modbus RS485 devices
  5. Support different signal capture
  6. Mostly reduce the installation line, easy to erect, easy to maintain
  7. Real-time monitoring
  8. Historical curve
  9. Line, mail, SMS (optional) reminder function

Cloud features

  1. Real-time data monitoring (computer phone)
  2. Historical data management
  3. Alert notification
  4. Customer management
  5. Cloud access

Actual case application

Internal configuration of waterproof box Large display External installation


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